The Sorceress

from by Nation of Two

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She enters.


Hell-hound spite and murder
You take it one step, she'll take it twelve steps further
You see the sun go down, see the stars shiver
*Yeah they know how to bark, and how to bear their teeth but when the time comes, they sure know how to slither
Snakes without fangs poisonous gossiping hags
and they've aged so fast, their skin just loosely hangs*

Plague, pestilence, pretension
A murder of crows, a flock of vultures but she herself is missing
You see her blood-marks, her handiwork, her inventions
Just keep telling yourself its nothing, its not worth mentioning
*And everyone knows the prince is lying there drunk on the floor but no one wants to cause dissension
They just want their politicking, their infighting, spying on each other with their ears at the door
and no matter how much they steal, they'll take just a little more*

Earthworms and misery
You can speak so complex but can't say anything simply
You hide behind your clan while you curse your whole family
Your friends are already digging your grave, your standing half-buried
*Yeah they sparkle like jewels and shine like gold but inside the corpses rot
they put on their brave faces, pretend to make merry
but the dark bloom descends on eyes already tired and bloodshot*

Wrath, rumor-mongers and slaughter
An eye for an eye, son for son and daughter for daughter
You could raise the alarm now but why bother
She moved while you slept
it's too late to bar the gates
Death herself stands at your doorstep


from The Sorceress, released February 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Nation of Two Seattle, Washington

What happens when poppin & lockin meets punk? When the Velvet Underground meets Michael Jackson?
The Nation of Two is Darius Morrison (guitar, art) and Lauren Vignec (vocals, dance). This is their first real album, The Sorceress, recorded by the genius Jherek Bischoff. ... more

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