The Sorceress

by Nation of Two

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released February 18, 2013

Guitar: Darius Morrison. Drums/Vox: Lauren Vignec. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jherek Bischoff.



all rights reserved


Nation of Two Seattle, Washington

What happens when poppin & lockin meets punk? When the Velvet Underground meets Michael Jackson?
The Nation of Two is Darius Morrison (guitar, art) and Lauren Vignec (vocals, dance). This is their first real album, The Sorceress, recorded by the genius Jherek Bischoff. ... more

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Track Name: Dusk's Diamonds
You couldn't see her shadow follow you
Not with all the lights on
Now dusk's diamonds are all that shines
You turn around and she's gone

Candlelight illuminates
Red wine blood stains a white table cloth
Handkerchief eliminates
Any sound from his lips whisper soft

Seven alibis, three murder weapons, five cold bodies
Seven alibis, three murder weapons, five cold bodies
Died of broken bones, and broken hearts
and a trail of smoke, from her fingertips to the dead ends and false starts

You catch a glimpse, a silhouette against the wall
Now turn all the lights on
Watch the shadows flicker softly down the hall
Now your consciousness is gone

Cigarette illuminates
Purple blood stains a white fingernail
And her glare eliminates
Any sane thoughts of picking up her trail

Track Name: Billie Handsome, the Killer's Son
"Give it up now Billie, you're kidding me
You can't possibly expect to be
Anything much more than what we can see
You ain't gonna make it, I guarantee"


"Fear, you'll never get far
Now take it off 'cause girl,
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?"

Flat odds against me! Now you're kidding me
I've been the underdog in every scene
You want to bet well there ain't no guarantee
I don't need your game I need my sanity

I see the con, I see your lies to me
I see the fraud, what you pretend to be
I've walked the streets, what you call tragedy
You think I'm an easy score well a mark is all I see

Cause every time you tell the truth you're just waiting to lie
And what you call living that's just waiting to die
Whenever you take a stand you're just waiting to fall
Here's the truth we're monsters and victims all


"Give it up now Billie, you're kidding me
You can't possibly expect to be
Anything much more than what we can see
You ain't gonna make it, I guarantee"

Children please I swagger when I'm standing still
Keep telling me I won't when I know I will
You say life's a game, well maybe so
Understand for me, this is not a show


Well I'm Billie Handsome, I'm the killer's son
You looking for a charity case, boy I'm not the one
I'm a bad person and I'm always gonna be
But if you're gonna change you just change, so don't preach to me.
Track Name: The Sorceress
Hell-hound spite and murder
You take it one step, she'll take it twelve steps further
You see the sun go down, see the stars shiver
*Yeah they know how to bark, and how to bear their teeth but when the time comes, they sure know how to slither
Snakes without fangs poisonous gossiping hags
and they've aged so fast, their skin just loosely hangs*

Plague, pestilence, pretension
A murder of crows, a flock of vultures but she herself is missing
You see her blood-marks, her handiwork, her inventions
Just keep telling yourself its nothing, its not worth mentioning
*And everyone knows the prince is lying there drunk on the floor but no one wants to cause dissension
They just want their politicking, their infighting, spying on each other with their ears at the door
and no matter how much they steal, they'll take just a little more*

Earthworms and misery
You can speak so complex but can't say anything simply
You hide behind your clan while you curse your whole family
Your friends are already digging your grave, your standing half-buried
*Yeah they sparkle like jewels and shine like gold but inside the corpses rot
they put on their brave faces, pretend to make merry
but the dark bloom descends on eyes already tired and bloodshot*

Wrath, rumor-mongers and slaughter
An eye for an eye, son for son and daughter for daughter
You could raise the alarm now but why bother
She moved while you slept
it's too late to bar the gates
Death herself stands at your doorstep
Track Name: Witchcraft (Woman vs. Machine)
Understand you won't see her coming, thinking now I'm sure I heard something
Footsteps so soft, quickly written off, flickers in the loft, couple Molotov
Cocktails. Inhale. Remember to breathe. Panic won't keep you alive, keep you underneath
Waves of doubt, now you're hesitant, gasping, a sweat-soaked armament, firing in the dark, that's her element
The fires burn strange, weird, malevolent...
Smoke. Gun shot flashes of light. You'll take your chances outside. You choke.
Check your cell for back up it's eleven thirty at night. Her cloak.
You feel sluggish right when you need quick reaction
The shroud descends--you're staring through a black sun
When she lays the thrilla down on you, like Mike Jackson

Couldn't stop what it couldn't see, tries to stalk and it tries to be,
what its makers claim, the machine has perfect aim, invincible,
In its own citadel, upper floors alert, high decibel
enemy invisible, unthinkable maybe she fled
Sudden ambush can the machine tremble?
Curved knife buried up to the haft in its
Mainframe shattered, hands bumbling, metal legs staggered, stumbling
Open elevator doors crumbling, forced back, swallowed by the shaft, frame ripped in half, echoes of her laugh
Feel that cool draft, she levitates after, impact, buries it....
Sweat dries on her skin time to get out of sight
Basement clock says it's quarter past midnight
Track Name: She is the Arsonist
You want to see us burn it down, I followed the line
Watch it all scorch fury and sound
See us giving in we reject your design
Tear it off let it spark and now

Watch her now, six matches lit
Burn it down, you can't forget
Watch her now, the arsonist
Burn it down

You want to watch her lose her mind, yeah now that would be sweet
Then you could finally get some revenge
Get her back just once to soothe all your defeats
But it'll be your loss not hers

We will deny you, we won't
believe what we cannot feel
We will reject you, we don't believe what we cannot see


You want to see us fail again we won't walk the line
Move along there's nothing to see
You wish we'd disappear, we will not decline
Your offer but there's one little catch...

We could set it off, we could burn it down
We could set it off, we could burn it

We came to burn this city down and now I think that it's time
Watch the flames scorch the steel and now
Boy she is the arsonist, it's just another crime
Best of luck if you think she'll be found

We will deny you, we won't
believe what we cannot feel
We will reject you, we don't believe what we cannot see


I'd sooner be with her in hell than consider giving in
Pink and orange flare up like sunrise
And if the fire burns too hot we'll get thicker skin
Only fear melts away tonight

We could set it off, we could burn it down
We could set it off, we could burn it
Track Name: Washed Her Body
Well I could have washed her body down
But I only felt that I
Was worthy to pour perfume
To pour perfume on the soles of her feet

And I could have seen her ascend in light
But I was too afraid to fly
So I stood there, planted on my feet
Terrified, planted on the soles of my feet

And I never thought I'd betray her thrice
But when the time came I heard myself deny
Having ever even known her name
And now my soul retreats

We weren't that scared--but we'll all go down to die
We weren't prepared--and it's easier to tell the lie
Track Name: The Kingdom
Bring it down, a fire-flash flood
cleanse bone and skin, stone and wood

Rain down on, power, transfigure
dust and ash, what we were made to endure

And one day, we will shine like seven suns
When we bring in the kingdom of heaven

In the twinkle of an eye, ghosts of glass and steel
In the flash between two halves of a second

Bring it down, from East 44th Street
To the mouth of the Nile, to the Earth beneath her feet

Wade through the river, keep moving, don't turn around
when the waters swirl red as blood swallow the hounds

And I know, these boots, we're going to wear them well
We had them shined at the gates of hell

In the twinkle of an eye, ghosts of glass and steel
In the flash between two halves of a second
Track Name: Keep Going Down
You could get yourself a mercenary bodyguard
You could tell yourself they'll stand by you when times get hard

What do you think you can buy?
And how long can you...stay in control
How many times can you lie?
For just nickels and dimes you''ll sell your soul

You could tell yourself you're riding high, still in control
but your face is cracking and it's getting old
Your in the same neighborhood, the same old town
You hit rock bottom but you keep...keep going down

You could try to run that same old scam once again
But you're running out of willing targets, running out of friends

They're gonna find you out
And meanwhile you'll fear. You'll lose control

Your defenses are up...they'll get torn down
Here are your old enemies...still hanging around

You're gonna find out
They want more than just a piece. They'll swallow you whole
It just falls out of your mouth
You try to hide it but the cracks still show

And now you're glancing quick, try not to make a sound
Your number got called and you're going down

You thought you had nothing but your fears are still hanging around
You thought you hit rock bottom but you keep, keep going down
Track Name: Promises Kept
Hey, cannot hold us down for long
Say, can you hear that coffin sound?
Hey, we'll march in our funeral clothes
Say, can you hear that coffin close?
Hey, cannot hold us down for long
Say, can you feel when we're thousands strong?
Hey, we'll sweep the streets in our finest robes
Say, can you feel how that storm-wind blows?
Track Name: Streets of Destiny
Hope, I see it rising over the tenement slums
Fire of praise, rising like the cinnamon sun
We shook, Anticipate the morning light filter in
Warmth of joy, Radiate off of her mortal skin

Hope, I feel it walking on the streets of destiny
Fire of praise, searing deadwood, rot, and misery
We stood in awe below, while seven hawks they circled overhead
Warmth of joy, The night the city's demons fled

Hope, It will outlast this mortal machine
Fire of Praise, Join the voices of the seen and unseen
I shook, Let the spirits return like crows to the trees
We stood in awe below, Those branches grow from the smallest of seeds

Hope, See it shining in our ancestors' eyes
Fire of Praise, The echoes of their shouts and cries
We shook, Hear the truth from all sides and within
Warmth of joy, On these streets now let the carnival begin.


Keep looking left keep looking right
Watch your back and keep your foes in sight
Keep your head up and your hands free
Through a city filled with fear walk the streets, the streets of destiny
Track Name: Ghost
Now Morning comes, winter sun, you are not here
Fall, passed me by, the seasons fly, without you here
Frost, covers trees, and grounded leaves, I wait for you here
Those trees, with their skeletal hands, snow slips through like the sands, I want you here
Stone, mark the ground, they speak without sound, that you are not here
Ghosts, stalk these paths, they constantly ask, why are you here?
And I guess, I guess I'm one of them now, but you know I still remember how, your kiss felt on my ear
But these memories, they turn pale and fade away, the pictures and images decay, please return to me dear...

I still recall the first time I met your gaze
I still can feel, that power that lifted the haze
I still recall every quip, everything said
I still can see your black hair under horizon red

You know I, still remember the first time, the first time our eyes met, it was right here
And I'll never, never understand, how I felt when touched your hand, that perfect spark of fear
When we stood, laughing and loitering in the streets, those scenes forever repeat, but you are not hear
I can still, I still hear your whisper, and I still hear you purr, your voice is so clear
And now, the people passing by are new, they've never even heard of you, why aren't you here?
I don't, understand what they joke about, their words are always too soft or too loud, and nothing is clear
If--if only, I could unsay unlive unlearn and undo, everything that never made sense to you, would you join me here?
I wish, I could show you just once, there's so much more to this, than what you fear